An Energy Efficient Heat and Power Solution

Any application with a high thermal need is ideal for ecopower® installations

A key element in making the ecopower® microCHP system work efficiently is having adequate demand for heat and/or hot water. The ecopower® works in forced air heating applications and hot water derived heat (boiler and hydronic delivery system). Domestic hot water, swimming pools, etc., can be heated by the ecopower® as well.

The ecopower® is most effective in applications where heat needs are greater. The logic here is that the longer the ecopower® runs, the more payback is achieved from the amount of electricity generated.

   Suggested applications:
  • Multi-Family Buildings - year-round hot water demand maximizes run time
  • Residential - space heating, water heating, pool heating
  • Car Washes - hot water use and electrical use for lighting
  • Hotels - domestic hot water, pool, spa and laundry facilities
  • Restaurants - high heat and hot water demand
  • Greenhouses - hot water in-ground piping or utilizing a fan/blower system
  • Laundromats - high hot water use and electrical demand
  • Pools - heat pool water and offset electrical costs of pumps and other equipment
  • Commercial - space heating, water heating, high electrical demand

Multi-Family Buildings

Multifamily applications can be designed with multiple ecopower® units working in parallel. Up to three ecopower® units are controlled by a master unit. Typically, they are tied directly into the domestic hot water supply for the building. This year round hot water demand ensures maximum runtime and it is not seasonally dependant (like space heating demands).

Single Family Homes

Swimming Pools

The ecopower® can also serve as a swimming pool heater. By using it as a pool heater, the electricity generated helps offset the high electrical use from pool pumps and air conditioning equipment.