An Energy Efficient Heat and Power Solution

Marathon Engine Systems

Marathon Engine Systems (MES) currently occupies a 70,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have the resources to draw on the local manufacturing base in the Midwest for raw materials (castings, forgings, sheet, tube) as well as all varieties of machining and assembly. We are an applications based company that designs systems for the distributed power industry. We sell our products globally and more than 3,000 of our engines were installed in a partnership in Germany - with PowerPlus Technologies that markets our microCHP (Combined Heat and Power) product throughout Europe. Our ecopower® won the 2011-2012 EPA ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award.


Marathon Engine Systems was started in 1998 with the purchase of the Marathon engine from Briggs & Stratton Corp. The engine was originally designed as a long life power source for the Triathlon Heat Pump that was marketed by York International. This product was phased out in the late 1990's, but the engine found new life in other applications that could utilize its unique long life features. The original company focus started as parts supplier to the Marathon engines in the field, but has evolved to become a manufacturer of power generation products.


The prospects for microCHP Distributed Generation (DG) and remote power are increasing. This expansion is driven by centralized power plants and power lines becoming more difficult to build, and small power units at the community, commercial, and residential levels becoming more common. A significant part of the future for electric energy generation lies in Distributed Generation and energy efficiency. Because of our engineering and manufacturing expertise, we have the ability to react quickly to unique applications that develop in this rapidly growing and dynamic environment and will build on that ability. ##