An Energy Efficient Heat and Power Solution

ecopower® microCHP Cogen Configuration Options


The ecopower® produces both heat and electricity. The ecopower® is a grid connected device and does not function as a back-up power supply. Cogeneration installations are configured depending upon specific needs.

Single Operation

A typical installation consists of an ecopower® microCHP system, buffer tank, boiler, and hot water tank. The software inside the system integrates the ecopower® with the buffer tank, modulating the system output to match the building's thermal needs. An indirect hot water tank can be hooked up to satisfy water heating needs.

Parallel Operation

Up to four units can run in parallel to provide more thermal and electrical output. Parallel operation is ideal for larger applications like multi-family buildings, hotels, or any building with a larger thermal need than one unit can supply.

Component Descriptions

Buffer Tank

A hot water storage device that is the interface between the ecopower® and the heating system in the building. The temperature in the buffer tank is controlled by ecopower® based on programmed conditions set by the owner. This tank is purchased separately and sized for the application and can be one tank or multiple tanks, depending upon need.

Pump Package

This is a pump and mixing valve that is included with the ecopower®. These components are critical to the operation of the system as they control the flow of cooling water to the heat exchanger in the ecopower® and modulate the engine temperature.


An isolation transformer used as a safety device to isolate the ecopower® from direct contact to the grid. This is included in the purchase price of the ecopower®.