An Energy Efficient Heat and Power Solution


Can ecopower® take my home off-grid?

At this time the unit does not have off-grid capabilities. ecopower® is grid dependant.

What is the maintenance interval and what does it entail?

Every 4,000 hours is the recommended time for maintenance. That entails changing the oil, oil filter and strainer, air filter, spark plug and spark plug cable.

How loud is the unit?

The sound of the ecopower®  is less than 56 db(A) at one meter. This is quieter than a dishwasher and about as loud as a refrigerator.

Can I run the unit in a basement or utility room?

Yes. ecopower®  is designed for indoor installation, not outside installation.

Where are the units made?

The engines are manufactured in Wisconsin and the complete units are assembled and tested at our East Troy facility.

Are there any rebates associated with purchasing ecopower®?

Rebates and incentives vary from state to state. You can view your state’s rebates and incentives on the EPA website: http://www.epa.gov/chp/dchpp-chp-policies-and-incentives-database

How much money will the unit save me?

The savings associated with ecopower® depend on a number of variables. However, the costs for electric power (grid power) and gas (natural gas or propane) will be the main determining factors. Ideally, areas with low gas costs and high electricity costs produce faster ROI’s.

How reliable is the engine?

The engine has run in an ecopower® at one of our test stations for more than 65,000 hours. Note: Engine life  may vary, depending on the quality of maintenance, environmental conditions, and other variables.