An Energy Efficient Heat and Power Solution


Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI

One ecopower® unit is installed for space heating of a zoo building that houses tropical birds. The temperature is kept at 75° F year round.

Because the thermal demand of the building is affected by the outside temperature, as well as the humidity, the unit does modulate or shut off in the summer months. The unit runs 24 hours a day during most of the year, though, in order to maintain the building at optimum temperature.

Single Family Home

Located in British Columbia, Canada, this 5,800 sq. ft. home has one ecopower® unit installed.  The ecopower® is the first stage of heating to the home's radiant floor heating system. The home also has an outdoor seasonal swimming pool and year-round hot tub that the ecopower® heats. Nearly all the electricity produced while producing this thermal energy was used on-site.

Pool Heating at a YMCA

Two ecopower® microCHP units are installed at a YMCA sports center. They provide heat for two pools: a 80,391 gallon lap pool; and 105,995 gallon recreational pool. While creating the thermal energy to keep those two pools at a specific temperature, each unit is creating up to 4.4 kW of electricity per hour. 

Multi-Family Building: 125 Units

Four ecopower systems are installed in a 125-unit apartment building in New York City. They are tied into the domestic hot water demand of the building. Between the high hot water demand and large storage tank, all units run continuously creating up to 4.4 kW of electricity per hour, per unit. The electricity created is used in the building, reducing the overall utility bill.